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1961 Morris Minor 1000

£££ SOLD £££


This is a really lovely example of one of Britain’s favourite cars – the Morris Minor. Charming looks, combined with simple mechanicals means that the Moggy was a big hit for almost two decades. It’s cheap to insure for everyone (including youngsters – the Morris Minor Owners Club will be

able to supply details for a cheap insurance scheme).


This example is in very good running order indeed, and is ready to drive away. MOTd until the end of September, and I can’t see there being any issues whatsoever preventing it from getting another MOT.


It has clearly been enthusiast-owned from some time, and is in great condition. The previous owner had owned the car since 2009, with five former keepers. In recent years, the car had a great deal of work undertaken, which include the following:


  • A full professional respray, with four new wings fitted (top quality GRP)

  • New bumpers, boot and bonnet hinges, along with other chrome parts

  • 1098cc engine fitted, making it a much more usable car in everyday traffic. Excellent oil pressure.

  • New carpets and replacement seat covers

  • New suspension bushes throughout

  • 8” brake drums fitted for improved performance.

  • Oil gauge and ammeter fitted


The paintwork has a fantastic shine, and the bodywork is all very solid, with only very slight marks here and there (obviously not a concourse car!). The wheels are very clean and have recently been repainted. New tyres have been fitted. There are no issues at all with the structure, underside or bodywork of the car – and this is usually the sticking point! See the pictures for yourself.


The interior is in very good good order, too – the car has had replacement seat covers, and carpets. You can see for yourself in the pictures – it’s a nice place to be! The headlining has been repaired so isn’t mint, but it’s not really something that you notice! The car has been fitted with 2 extra gauges – oil pressure and an ammeter.


The car has been fitted with a 1098cc engine at some point, too – which means it’s now a very usable, enjoyable car capable of use on A roads in traffic, etc. The car starts on the button every time, and there are no mechanical issues whatsoever. Oil pressure is excellent. The gearbox selects gears without issue, and doesn’t jump out of gear like a lot of these cars do. The uprated brakes means it stops very well, too (for one of these!). All of the electrics work, too – including the added-on indicators.


This is a bargain price for a fantastic car which attracts a great deal of attention wherever it goes. Obviously it’s not a concourse car but it’s very nice, and won’t be requiring any significant work for a long, long time. 


Many more pics HERE





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