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1972 MGB GT - Damask Red

£££ SOLD £££


This is a really lovely example of one of Britain’s favourite cars – the MGB GT. Superb looks, combined with simple mechanicals means that the MGB was (and still is) a big hit. It’s cheap to insure for everyone – even people under 25 will find that insurance prices are very reasonable. The car has MOT and tax until June 2015, and having been built in 1972 means FREE ROAD TAX. 


So, where do I start? The car is in very good running and driving condition, and could go into daily use with no bother at all.  It has clearly been enthusiast-owned for some time, and is in very good overall condition. There are MOTs, bills and receipts dating back for a few years.


Recent work includes:


• New brake calipers and pads
• New seatbelts and retainers
• New steering rack
• New mirrors and lock set
• K&N ‘MGB’ Air filter
• Halogen headlamps
• New ignition parts, including leads, coil, plugs and points
• Rear springs and shackles


As you can see in the pictures, the paintwork has a good shine. Obviously, for a car at this price, there are some minor defects and areas where the paint has been touched in. The bonnet has some signs of microblistering, and there are couple of other of areas which could do with a little cosmetic tidying.  However, these don’t really detract from the rest of the car. You should be able to spot these in the hi-res close-up pictures, more of which I will upload later. The chromework is generally good, with some minor pitting here and there. The car has been fitted with a grille from a Mk1 car which, in my opinion, looks a lot better! The badge bar has been fitted with three badges.The wheels have been refurbished very well at some point, and chrome trims are fitted. The interior is also very tidy, and is a nice place to be. The seats don’t have any nasty rips or tears, and the carpets are nice and clean. A Moto-Lita wheel has been fitted to the car, too. 


The car starts, runs, drives and stops very well. The car pulls readily and there are no nasty rattles, whines or anything like that. Gears all select very well and the overdrive functions flawlessly. The car stops well too, thanks to the brake servo and new brakes which have recently been fitted. Structurally, the car appears to be very sound. The sills, castle rails, chassis legs and spring hangers all appear to be fine. There aren’t any nasty patches of welding, it’s all nice and sound. You’re more than welcome to come and have a good prod around!


This is a bargain price for a fantastic car which attracts a great deal of attention wherever it goes. Obviously it’s not a concourse car but it’s generally very good, but is ready to use and enjoy. You’ll be able to see that for yourself when you come to view.


Many more detailed photos HERE



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