1974 MGB GT - Aconite Purple

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There’s nothing quite like an early 70s MGB GT. The perfect mix between 60s sportscar design and the refinements of the later cars. These cars are a fantastic investment, with prices dramatically rising all of the time.


This car is no exception – it is without doubt one of the nicest cars BGTs that I’ve driven, and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this price. It’s had a great deal of work in the recent past, which I will detail throughout the ad. The ‘feel’ of the car, both in terms of build quality and the way that the car drives, clearly shows that the standard of work carried out was tip-top. MOTd until next July and taxed until the end of September - this will become free next year, if it isn't free already! I'm currently waiting for a Heritage Certificate to arrive. 



In one word – fantastic. No signs of bubbling or rust anywhere, as far as I can see. No filler in the door bottoms, or the bottom of the boot, and the front wings are superb. Photographic evidence of new door skins fitted - there is NO ROT whatsoever throughout. The brightwork is all excellent with no dinks or twists – I don’t think these are new items, but are refurbished originals. The new ones are very bad quality but these ones are excellent. Chrome wire wheels (including the unused spare) are all in great order, with good tyres. New headlamps have recently been fitted, along with a new headlight stalk.



The car appears to be completely solid throughout. Sills, castle sections, floorpans, chassis legs and spring hangers are all in good order.



A lovely place to be. The seats have recently been recovered, with new cushions. New carpets have been fitted, along with refurbished dashboard. All in all, it looks fantastic! Headlining is very clean, as are the doorcards. Wood-rim Moto Lita wheel is fitted, along with a CD player/radio. There is a battery cut-out switch fitted.


Engine and Gearbox


Engine starts readily and runs well, ticking over at around 750rpm, as it should. You can see in the pictures that the engine bay is very clean indeed – almost detailed. Exhaust note is lovely and the car pulls and drives as it should. Oil pressure is spot-on, and the car does not overheat. Overdrive is fitted, and functions very well indeed. A stainless steel fuel tank has been fitted.


Suspension and Steering
New steering rack recently fitted, and you can certainly tell! In addition to this, the car has had new front shocks, springs, bushes, and rebuilt brakes all round. The car stops very well indeed, and is fitted with a servo.


All in all, this is an absolutely stunning little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. You won’t find many cars that have been finished to this standard. I travel all over the country to view these cars and this one is particularly good.


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