1964 MG Midget MkII - Tartan Red

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If you’re after a really excellent Midget, then you’ve come to the right place. This car was subject to a professional restoration in the mid-1990s, and you can see from the pictures that the car has lasted extremely well indeed, thanks to minimal use and good maintenance. Taxed and MOTd until August 2015.

Being a Mk2 Midget, this benefits from wind-up windows, but still retains the cleaner lines of the earlier cars, thanks to its removable hood. To me, it’s the best of the bunch!

This particular example is very clean and tidy indeed. Its engine was fully rebuilt at the point of restoration, and it was built to fast road spec, with a Kent Cam etc. Therefore, it goes very well but still ticks over nicely and is completely usable. I’ve just done an 80 mile trip in the car without issue, and the car doesn’t blow any blue smoke when hot or cold. The car comes up to temperature nicely and doesn’t overheat, and the oil pressure is excellent. The brakes, suspension and gearbox are all in fine fettle, too, and I have checked everything over.

Bodily, the car is in very good order indeed. Everywhere is completely solid with no signs of filler, etc. The panel gaps are all excellent (please note in the pictures it appears that the passenger door juts out a little at the back, this is not the case – I had incorrectly adjusted the door striker!). There is some bubbling developing at the bottom of the A-post, but this is cosmetic, and can be addressed easily and cheaply. I’d do it myself, but I would be asking for more money, as it would then be practically perfect. Structurally, the car is as good as it is on top. No nasty patches of welding etc, and everything is great. The floors are sound, as are the spring hangers and chassis legs.

The interior is in fine fettle, with a good quality carpet set, and lovely seat covers. The dash has been reconditioned and all of the clocks work as they should. It’s a lovely place to be! The hood is in very good order, too, as is the frame.

All in all, this fantastic little car is ready to use and enjoy. I’d quite happily set off to London in the car, without any worries. Obviously, being an older restoration, this isn’t a perfect, concourse car, but it’s clearly been restored very well indeed, as it’s lasted so well. If I were to criticise anything, the wire wheels could do with blasting and painting – but this isn’t something that needs doing tomorrow – all of the issues can be addressed as and when the new owner feels fit.



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