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1968 Jaguar MkII 3.8

Fully Restored and Heavily Upgraded


We are proud to offer this absolutely stunning Jaguar MkII on behalf of the current owner. If you are looking for a truly well-sorted example that is not only near-immaculate, but also ready for serious use - then this is undoubtedly the car for you. The 3.8 MkII was regarded as the fastest and sportiest saloon on the roads in the 1960s: not only respected by the motorsport fraternity, the police, and unsavoury characters alike – the cars dominated television screens as the getaway car of choice for many years!

The current owner of this example was previously a car-restoration specialist/builder, and therefore an absolute perfectionist. As a result, finding a well-sorted MkII proved quite a challenge. After a year-long search, having seen many ‘patchwork quilt’ restorations being offered at dealers, he came upon this example, which was streets ahead of any of the others he’d viewed. The car had been subject to a comprehensive top-quality bare-metal restoration at the turn of the century, and was the perfect basis for his plan to create a truly special motor car.

Having bought the car, the owner set about gathering all of the parts to turn this example into a heavily (but discreetly) modified car. The raft of paperwork and receipts shows that he expended a vast amount of money and his own countless hours into what was already a stunning example. His ideals were to create a MkII for the modern age, that would be capable of long-distance touring with ease and comfort, but with the added benefit of extra performance and sublime handling! However, he wanted the car to appear as much of a ‘standard’ Mk2 as possible – often, people go too far with modifications and spoil the original feel of the car. This certainly isn’t the case here. The quality of workmanship, from both restorations is sublime. Incredible attention to detail has been paid, to make sure this car was capable of regular use as well as looking good. There are plenty of show ponies out there, and cars with performance mods thrown on, but this one truly is the real deal. You’ll be able to tell that from the moment you lay your eyes on the car in person.

Anyway, where do we start? The bodyshell and all panelwork is absolutely stunning, and is truly a credit to the restorers. Considering the paint has now been on the car for 20-odd years, it is still practically flawless – no bubbling to be seen anywhere, and the finish really is absolutely fantastic. For once, the pictures simply do not do the car justice. The panel fit is spot-on, the door and wing bottoms, boot lid and bonnet are immaculate – in fact, all of the panelwork is absolutely beautiful. The doors shut with that lovely Jaguar ‘thunk’, with the light push of a finger.

The interior is a lovely place to be. The owner has fitted XK140 bucket seats which are a delight to sit in – worth a small fortune by themselves! All of the switchgear works just as it should. The cloth headlining is A1, as is the sliding Britax sunroof and all of the carpets and door seals. The woodwork is in good order, the dash and door cappings have not been over-restored, which works really well. In my opinion, leaving some slight ‘patina’ is important if you are trying to retain the classic feel of a car. I’m sure you’ll agree! Heated front and rear screens were purchased and fitted at great expense, and a period radio is fitted and working well.

The engine bay and luggage compartments are both detailed to within an inch of their life – you’ll struggle to find better. The original tool kit is present, along with jack, wheel brace and spare wheel. Chromework is excellent, bumpers, window frames and grille are all beautifully finished. The underside is incredibly clean and tidy - the suspension, brakes, rear axle and transmission is spotless.

Now, onto the pièce de résistance– the mechanicals! It’s probably best for me to list the main modifications as I could go on forever.

  • Fully rebuilt bottom end by Chesman Engineering, Coventry. This included reground crank, modified to take an uprated rear oil seal, top deck skim, new liners, pistons etc, lightened flywheel, new bearings throughout. (the car began life as a 240 but the owner sourced a 3.8 from a MkX, the same block and head as the 3.8 E-Type).

  • Cylinder head line bored, machined face of head and converted to unleaded with hardened valve seats, new valves, springs and cam bearings, followers, shims, new timing chains and gear wheels – the list goes on! Everything on the engine that could be renewed, has been renewed. Carburettors are twin SU HS8 2” - again, fully rebuilt.

  • Tremec 5 Speed gearbox, supplied at great cost – it’s an absolute delight to use and the ratios are fantastic - selection is a dream. 

  • Matching prop-shaft, mated to a 3/8 Powr-Lok LSD rear axle – which again, has been fully rebuilt at great cost at a specialist.

  • Brakes are also impressive. The owner took the car to HiSpec Motorsport and they created a setup that would just fit under the wheels – 4 pot calipers at the front, with vented/slotted/cross-drilled discs. The rears are the Zeuss standard setup which works well – again, completely renewed throughout.

  • Front suspension subframe and all components have been replaced and powder coated. Uprated Harvey Bailey springs and anti-roll bar have been fitted, along with Gaz shocks.

  • Rear suspension has been converted to the Vicarage trailing link and coil-over setup – again, with Gaz shocks, and polybushed throughout. Different ‘strengths’ of polybush have been used in different places to ensure the car remains supple and compliant, unlike some where the ride is totally ruined. 4-wheel alignment has been carried out (printout available)

  • Rear wheels were custom-made at considerable cost, they are 6J but slightly offset so they really fill the arches and look much meatier and more aggressive than the standard wheels.

  • Brand new Blockley tyres all round – much better than modern style tyres that everybody fits these days which ruin the handling – they really help the look of the car from an aesthetic point of view, too – they really finish off that ‘period’ look.

  • The steering has been uprated with a 3 ½ turn steering box, and a custom EasySteer electric powered column which is discreetly hidden under the dash. The owner decided to stick with the steering box as the geometry on the rack-and-pinion conversions is very much compromised. The electric assistance on this unit can be altered to your taste using a discreet rheostat on the dashboard.

  • Aluminium radiator fitted, along with electric fan which runs on a thermostat. The engine temperature stays rock-steady even on the warmest of days!

  • Heated front and rear screens fitted at great expense, along with new seals throughout.

  • Speedometer rebuilt and recalibrated at a specialist.

  • Other highlights include 123 Electronic ignition, stainless steel exhaust, high torque starter motor, alternator conversion, negative earth conversion, battery cut-out switch, new inertia-reel seatbelts in the front

  • ….and so much more!

All in all, if you’re looking for a discreetly, but heavily breathed-on MkII – then this is absolutely the car for you. The car has had an independent valuation by a Classic Jaguar Specialist and they wholeheartedly recommended a private sale price of £57,500. You will struggle to find a better-sorted car than this one. The car sits very well and looks exactly as it should – mean and slightly aggressive – you know It means business! The engine fires up instantly from cold and hot, and settles down to a lovely, crisp burble, and absolutely howls when you give it the beans!

The car has been MOTd and is ready for use, having only covered a few hundred miles since completion of the build. The mileage is currently showing 61,000 – a figure that could quite possibly be correct, judging by how clean and un-messed with the bodyshell is. Needless to say, the V5 document is present and all of the numbers are correct and matching to what’s on the car. A bulging folder of bills and receipts from the rebuild is included, along with photos of the car before and during its initial bare-metal restoration in the early 2000s. Interestingly, the owner moved into the garage of 1960s Jag racer Dick Protheroe’s after Protheroe vacated it – hence the rear window sticker! The original front seats are included as part of the sale (fitted with new foams and in good all-round order), along with a box full of other bits and bobs.

The car is available for viewing in the Lake District, 20 minutes from J36 of the M6. I am happy to collect international buyers from Manchester Airport, or for anyone in this country, I can collect you from Lancaster, Oxenholme or Ulverston station if you would like to come and see the car. An inspection pit is available at the car’s location should the buyer want to see the underside in detail.

Of course, we are observing social distancing rules and guidelines. The car will be carefully cleaned before and after each viewing. If the weather is dry, the car can be moved outside to allow for an open-air viewing.

High-res images available to view in a Dropbox folder, HERE


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