1999 Rover Mini Cooper Sport - 1.3i 




Well, where do I start? This lovely little 1999 Mini Cooper 1.3i has covered just 34,000 miles from new and has simply never been messed around with. It’s never had any welding repairs that I can see and is still on original floors and sills. It’s only had 3 owners, one of which owned the car for a good amount of its life from new.

It has an MOT until 28th June 2016. This particular example has clearly been very well cared for throughout its life, and it really does show. It’s the straightest, most unmolested late 90s Cooper that I’ve seen for a long while, and it’s lovely to drive.

These Sportspack cars are becoming very collectable, and cars such as this with all of the extras, including full leather interior etc are rising quickly in value.

Bodily, the car is very tidy for an example of this age which looks to be completely original. Yes, there are a few areas of minor bubbling and blistering but as you can see from the pics, this really isn’t a big issue at all. The worst area is the bottom of the passenger door – for some reason, a very common rot-spot. However this obviously isn’t a big issue as it’s not structural. The floors, sills, heel board, subframes and all other structural areas appear to be in fantastic condition.

The tyres all have good tread, and the alloys are in good shape. The car stops in a straight line, and pulls well. The engine sounds very sweet indeed, and the gearbox doesn’t jump out of gear either, like most Minis seem to! The interior is very clean indeed – the leather seats are in super condition, as are the carpets and dashboard.

This is a bargain price for a fantastic car which attracts a great deal of attention wherever it goes. Obviously it’s not a concourse show car but it’s very good indeed, and is ready to use and enjoy. You must remember that running a Mini isn’t like a modern Japanese Honda or equivalent – there will be bits and bobs to do from time to time, but generally you’ll be able to fix it yourself, because they’re so simple! Sadly there isn’t a lot of previous history as the second owner of the car managed to misplace it during a house move.

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