1982 Austin Morris Mini Van - 998cc

£££ SOLD £££

There aren’t many of these old girls left! Used and abused, and then left to rot, these workhorses have become very rare indeed. Featuring external hinges, sliding windows and a pressed grille, these are just about as ‘classic’ as you can get with a classic Mini.

It’s MOT’d until and taxed until October, and I can’t see a reason why it won’t pass its next MOT.

This particular example has had a restoration and has been used on a daily basis. The previous owner had to move abroad with work so the van had to be sold.

Structurally, the van appears to be very good indeed. Both subframes appear to be in good order (one has been replaced), and the sills and floors are very solid indeed. You’re welcome to come and have a prod around yourself. Bodily, the van is in pretty good shape. It’s had a respray in the relatively recent past, and this looks to have been undertaken by the previous owner, so isn’t a concourse finish – but does shine up quite well. Please don’t come expecting wonders, but it’s certainly not falling apart, as you can see in the pics. The load bay and interior are a slightly darker shade of blue. The front doors are in OK condition but the frame at the top of the passenger side one is a bit rusty – see the pic – but it’s not flaking apart etc.

The car has had a replacement 998cc engine fitted, and the previous owner tells me that the new engine has done 28,000 miles, and the total mileage for the car is just over 85,000.  The car has new tyres, and a radio is fitted, along with a water temperature gauge – something that is always useful!

Obviously, for a van at this price, there are a few cosmetic things that need sorting out – but if you’re after a nice, solid van to use straight away and improve as you go along – this is probably the one for you! A couple of examples of things needed are new rear bumpers, as the old ones are pitted (£16 each), and window channels that the glass slides in – another easy job. 


Many more pics HERE 



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