1981 Austin Morris Mini Van - 998cc

£££ SOLD £££

There aren’t many of these old girls left! Used and abused, and then left to rot, these workhorses have become very rare indeed. Featuring external hinges, sliding windows and a pressed grille, these are just about as ‘classic’ as you can get with a classic Mini.

It’s MOT’d until and taxed until February next year. This little van has been overhauled the following work has been undertaken by the previous owner:-


  • New Sub Frame

  • Completely rub down and primed and re-sprayed inside and outside in the original beige colour. 

  • All new chrome work including bumpers, mirrors, wheel hubs, window wipers, lights surrounds, wheel arch trims and front grill (grill surrounds have been purchased, they just need to be put on)

  • Four new tires. 

  •  998cc Engine has been overhauled and fully serviced and runs very nicely - new exhaust fitted.

  •  New front wings and panels. 


This little van still requires the odd easy bits sorting, such as a brake light switch needs fitting, and the interior door handles have both broken, so need to be replaced (probably with the string-type!). Just little bits like that - needs new dash cards etc - it's more time, than anything else! Please don’t come expecting wonders, but it’s certainly not falling apart, as you can see in the pics. The load bay isn't beaten up, and the rear doors look to be in good shape. If you’re after a nice, solid van to use and improve as you go along – this is probably the one for you. Perfect for advertising your business!

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