1974 MGB GT - Citron Yellow

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There’s nothing quite like an early 70s MGB GT. The perfect mix between 60s sportscar design and the refinements of the later cars. These cars are a fantastic investment, with prices dramatically rising all of the time. There are very few nice cars on sale at the moment, so grab this while you can!

This car is no exception – it is without doubt one of the nicest cars BGTs that I’ve driven, and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this sort of price. Finished in Citron Yellow (don’t get this mixed up with the truly awful Harvest Gold!), it certainly stands out from the rest.

Only 4 owners from new, and the service history shows that the mileage of 87,000 is correct. Current MOT is valid to August 8th, 2015, and the car had no advisories at the last test. Tax will be free from April 1st, so if you tax the car at the post office, you will be able to claim back the tax from April onwards!

The previous owner had owned the car for 32 years and had had a great deal of restoration work carried out over that time, whilst only covering 50 or so miles per year (probably to the MOT station and back!). This work included all of the following, and much, much more:

· A pair of new front wings
· Two new door skins
· Complete new sills (inner and outer)
· New front valance
· Two half rear wings
· New petrol tank
· New grill
· Replacement tailgate
· New carpets, door cards
· Quarterlight pivot pins and springs

· Replacement cylinder head
· Replacement King Pins and stub axles
· New shock absorbers
· Suspension bushes

The car obviously had a full respray once the bodywork restoration had been carried out, and this has lasted very well indeed. It’s not a car that has just had a quick spray over job 12 months ago, this car has been properly restored and has stood the test of time. Of course, there are a very areas of VERY minor bubbling but you can see for yourself that all the important areas, seams etc, are in superb order.

The car runs, drives and stops very well indeed. A lot of GTs that I drive are very ‘floaty’, but this one is nice and tight, and rides very well indeed. There aren’t any horrible rattles from interior components. Overdrive works fine, and there are no synchromesh issues etc with the gearbox. The engine fires up healthily and runs very well.

All in all, this is an absolutely stunning little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. I travel all over the country to view these cars and this one is particularly good.

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