1974 MG Midget - Heritage Bodyshell

£££ SOLD £££


Round-wheelarch Midgets are very highly regarded in classic car circles – they are seen to be one of the most fun, enjoyable small British Sports Cars available, and many people say that they’re the Midget to have. This one has been rebuilt using a BRAND NEW body shell from British Motor Heritage, so surely that must make it the best of the best?


The restoration was absolutely comprehensive, and was completed seven or eight years ago. The car has had minimal usage since. The cost of the restoration clearly shows that the standard of work carried out was tip-top. This is the sort of car that Mike Authers, the MG Midget specialist would be asking upwards of £10,000 for.


The car is MOTd until the end of September, and will be tax exempt from April 1st, 2015. You will be able to tax the car for free upon receipt of the new V5 when you take the car over.



In one word – fantastic. The car has been painted professionally and everything is exactly as it should be. The doors shut with a satisfying ‘clunk’ and there is no rot whatsoever. Obviously with the fact that the paintwork is now a few years old, there are some VERY minor chips here and there, but as you can see from the photos, these are completely un-noticeable to an onlooker. The brightwork is all great with no noticeable dinks or twists.



Nothing to worry about here – the Heritage shells are dipped before being painted – you’ll have absolutely no worries for years to come! As you can see from the pictures,the underside is all body coloured and could be detailed to 'show car' standard very easily indeed. 



The seats have been recovered, new carpets have been fitted, along with refurbished dashboard. All in all, it looks fantastic! The boot has also been trimmed out. The hood is in good order and a hood cover is included.


Engine and Gearbox

Engine starts readily and runs well, ticking over at around 700rpm, as it should. Exhaust note is lovely and the car pulls and drives as it should. Oil pressure is as it should be, and the car does not overheat. The gearbox has been reconditioned, as has the rear axle.


Suspension and brakes
Again, this has all been rebuilt. It’s sitting a little high all round, I’d say – this is because the new springs haven’t had chance to bed in properly yet!



All in all, this is an absolutely stunning little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. You won’t find another Heritage bodyshell car for this price anywhere.


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