1973 MGB GT - Damask Red

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There’s nothing quite like an early 70s MGB GT. The perfect mix between 60s sportscar design and the refinements of the later cars. These cars are a fantastic investment, with prices dramatically rising all of the time.

This car is no exception, and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this price. It’s had a great deal of work during its life, which I will detail throughout the ad. The ‘feel’ of the car, both in terms of build quality and the way that the car drives, clearly shows that the standard of work carried out has been very good indeed. MOT until June 2016.

The car fires up beautifully idles healthily. It pulls strongly and sounds great. The car also rides particularly well and the servo assisted brakes are also very good! The car is properly soundproofed so doesn’t clatter and bang like so many BGTs do – it’s a really nice thing to drive. Oil pressure is spot-on, and the car does not overheat. A Kenlowe electric fan has also been fitted. Overdrive is fitted, and functions fine. An oil cooler is fitted, along with a spin-on oil filter conversion.

Bodily, the car is very nice. Door and wing bottoms are all solid, as are the wing-top seams, and scuttle panel. The car has clearly been repainted professionally– it has a very deep finish and a fantastic shine. The car appears to be completely solid throughout. Sills, castle sections, floorpans, chassis legs and spring hangers are all in good order. The car hasn’t had underseal slapped everywhere to hide horrors, which is nice to see.
V8 wheels have been fitted, and they have nearly-new tyres, too. These are really quite valuable, so if they’re not your cup of tea, could be swapped for Rostyle wheels and you would have some change left in your pocket!

The interior is good, too. The original door cards are present, and the dashboard is in good order. A sliding sunroof has been fitted, which works nicely and doesn’t appear to leak. The engine bay is clean and tidy (and, body colour), and could be detailed to make it even more lovely. 

All in all, this is an absolutely stunning little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. You won’t find many cars that have been finished to this standard. I travel all over the country to view these cars and this one is particularly good. There’s quite a bit of old paperwork with the car including letters from previous owners etc.

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