1972 MGB GT - Glacier White

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Priced at £5350. Click HERE to see another site with 30+ pictures of the car, showing each body panel in detail: 

I bought this car from a chap who had owned it for the past 8 years. He had bought it from a gentleman who had owned it for a few years before that. The car appears to have been enthusiast-owned throughout, and this is confirmed by the stacks of service history I have for the car, which go back to new! This even includes a fully stamped-up British Leyland ‘Passport to Service’. Added to that, there’s even a written report on every penny spent on the car from 1998 onwards!

MOT until May 2016, and the car is of course exempt from tax.

As you can see from the pictures, the car is still in excellent order, having had plenty of work to keep on top of everything. It has been serviced every year and has covered only a few hundred miles each year.

Highlights include:

· A bare-metal restoration around the year 2000 which included sills, new wings, new doors, new rear wings, spring hangers.

· Leather seats

· Electronic ignition

· Brake servo

· Plastic splashguards for the inner wings

· …and much, much more!

Structurally, the car appears to be absolutely spot-on. I can’t see there being any issues there for many years to come. Bodily, the car is very straight too – door gaps etc are all very good. The door bottoms and boot floor are very solid, and the wings are great. Of course, because the car hasn’t been painted for a good few years, there are some very minor blemishes here and there, but this proves that the paintwork was done to a good standard. I thought about repainting the whole car to make it totally mint, but upon inspecting the car since it’s arrived here, I have decided against doing this because it might put off any buyers who think that the car has just had a quick blowover. This is NOT the case! Don’t get me wrong – the car isn’t in need of a respray. The paintwork has a great shine and doesn’t really need doing at all.

The car starts, stops and drives very well indeed. So many MGBs have horrible clunks and rattles, but this has none at all. The wire wheel hubs don’t clunk (although they’re beginning to be a little pitted). Good tyres all round, and there isn’t loads of wheel wobble, as you often find with wire-wheel cars. Oil pressure is great, and the car does not overheat. The car sounds great, and pulls very well for an MGB. Overdrive is fitted and works fine.

The interior is great – dashboard and carpets are in good order. The seats have been rebuilt with new leather covers and foams etc, and they’re very comfortable. The electrics all function exactly as they should. Electric washers are fitted.

All in all, this is a great car that’s ready to use and enjoy. Grab a pre-season bargain, as these cars are going to shoot up in price for the summer.

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