1971 MGB GT - Blue

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There’s nothing quite like an early 70s MGB GT. The perfect mix between 60s sportscar design and the refinements of the later cars. These cars are a fantastic investment, with prices rising steadily all of the time. This car is no exception and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this sort of price.

Service history which dates back to the 1980s shows that the car has been very well cared for throughout its life. Current MOT is valid to July 2016, and of course, tax is free.

The car had some serious restoration in the 1990s which included new wings, and a good deal of structural work. The car still appears to be nice and solid in all of the important areas, and the bodywork is free from filler and rot. The wheelarches, wing and door bottoms are all very solid. The car was repainted around 5 years ago (receipt included) and presents nicely. It’s not a concourse show car and there are a few imperfections in the paint etc, but it is perfect for regular use and will not deteriorate like so many ‘tarted up’ cars do.


The interior has been recarpeted, and the dashboard is in good order. A CD player is fitted, along with electrics which all work correctly (heated rear screen included!). The driver’s seat cushion cover has been replaced with vinyl, which looks fine, but the buyer may want to find an original seat cover. 

The car runs, drives and stops very well indeed. A lot of GTs that I drive are very ‘floaty’, but this one is nice and tight, and rides very well indeed. There aren’t any horrible rattles from interior components. Overdrive works fine, and there are no synchromesh issues etc with the gearbox. The engine fires up healthily and runs very well, with good oil pressure and no smoke. Starts easily from cold and doesn’t overheat.

All in all, this is and lovely little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. I travel all over the country to view these cars and this one is better than any others available at this price.

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