1969 MGB GT

£££ SOLD £££

This is a really lovely example of one of Britain’s favourite cars – the MGB GT. Superb looks, combined with simple mechanicals means that the MGB was (and still is) a big hit. It’s cheap to insure for everyone – even people under 25 will find that insurance prices are very reasonable.


This particular example has MOT until Novemeber 2014, and I have little worry about the car getting another MOT. There are no issues that I’m aware of that would prevent it from passing whatsoever. The car had a full professional restoration around 5 years ago.


Recent work includes:


  • Professionally retrimmed interior

  • New bumpers and over-riders

  • New chrome grille (Mk1)

  • Complete brake overhaul including new calipers and rear shoes


So, where do I start? The car was owned by a chap who ran a garage, and he had fully restored the car to an excellent state. He then sold it to the next owner, who was an upholsterer by trade, and he has completely retrimmed the interior, which looks and feels lovely.


As you can see in the pictures, the bodywork is also fantastic. The paintwork has a fantastic shine, with consistent colour throughout – it’s certainly a professional job. The panel gaps are all very consistent and the car just looks ‘right’.


The MG is in excellent running and driving condition, and could go into daily use with no bother at all.  It has clearly been enthusiast-owned for some time, and is in very good overall condition indeed. The car starts, runs, drives and stops very well. The car pulls readily and there are no nasty rattles, whines or anything like that. Gears all select very well. The car stops well too, thanks to the new brakes which have recently been fitted.


Structurally, the car appears to be very sound. The sills, castle rails, chassis legs and spring hangers all appear to be fine, and there aren’t any nasty patches of welding, it’s all nice and sound. You’re more than welcome to come and have a good prod around! Obviously the car was painted a few years ago now so there are some very minor imperfections but there is very little to worry about, as you will be able to tell from the pictures!


I have history and MOTs dating back to 2001. The car has covered less just over 1000 miles since 2010 – the previous owner was clearly a perfectionist who preferred to work his way through a car and make things ‘right’ rather than driving the thing!


This is a bargain price for a fantastic car which attracts a great deal of attention wherever it goes. Obviously it’s not a concourse car but it’s generally very good indeed, but is ready to use and enjoy. You’ll be able to see that for yourself when you come to view. 




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