1967 MG Midget - 1275cc

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Early Sprites and Midgets are very highly regarded in classic car circles – they are seen to be one of the most fun, enjoyable small British Sports Cars available.


This car is no exception – it is without doubt one of the nicest cars available on the market at the current time and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this price. To me, these earlier cars have much nicer lines than the later chrome bumper cars, and still had that spirit of classic motoring that MG was so well known for in the 40s and 50s. Anyway, I’ll stop waffling and get on with the description!


MOTd until October 24th, 2015, and tax exempt of course!

The car has been subject to a recent major restoration, which included:


  • Full bare-metal bodywork restoration, where the car had any panelwork it required

  • Professional respray in Old English White

  • New hood

  • Engine removed from car and checked over, before being refitted – fitted with Accuspark Electronic Ignition

  • Recon gearbox fitted earlier in the year

  • Wheels refurbished and stove-enamelled (including spare), and fitted with new tyres all round

  • …and much more!

The look of the car clearly shows that the standard of work carried out was tip-top. This car is just like one you’d buy from Mike Authers, the MG Midget specialist – just without the price tag! Those of you searching for a good Spridget will know that he sells only the best cars – and at enormous prices!




In one word – fantastic. The lines of the car are completely unspoilt. The paint finish is magnificent, even in the boot area and under the bonnet. There is NO ROT whatsoever. The brightwork is all in good order with no dinks or twists, but minor pitting (I think they are the originals). The structure of the car is great, with floors, spring hangers, sills and chassis legs all in great order. Do not be worried about the door gaps protruding a tiny amount at the back – this is because the car has had new door seals and they haven’t  bedded in yet. They can be adjusted in further but that would mean that the door latch has much more pressure on it, so we believe it best to leave them protruding slightly until they settle down.



The seats were recovered, new carpets have been fitted, along with refurbished dashboard. All in all, it looks fantastic!


Engine and Gearbox

Engine starts readily and runs well, ticking over quietly, as it should. Exhaust note is lovely and the car pulls and drives as it should. Obviously with the recon gearbox, there are no nasty whines or grinding in the gearbox, and the rear axle is nice and quiet. Oil pressure is as it should be, and the car does not overheat.


Weather Equipmen

The hood is in excellent order, and only very recently fitted. Hood frame is great, too.


All in all, this is an absolutely stunning little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. You won’t find many cars that have had a restoration of this standard. I’ve had a lot of Midgets through my hands and this is one of the nicest I’ve had. There is some history with the car including some MOTs dating back to the late 80s, and odd receipts for various items in the past. The V5 and MOT are both present and the car is ready to drive away.






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