1964 MG Midget Mk1 - 1275cc, Blue

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Early Sprites and Midgets are very highly regarded in classic car circles – they are seen to be one of the most fun, enjoyable small British Sports Cars available.

This car is no exception – it is without doubt one of the nicest cars available on the market at the current time and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this price. It has been fitted with a 1275cc unit from a later car, to make it completely usable, and has also had a recently fitted recon gearbox. It’s the kind of car that Mike Authers would be asking £12,000+ for, so grab an absolute bargain.

Restored at vast expense (over £6,000!) during the early 2000s. The cost of the restoration clearly shows that the standard of work carried out was tip-top, as do the bills for parts, along with loads of photos of the body resto. Don’t let the fact that it’s an older restoration put you off – if anything, it’s a bonus, as it shows just how good the quality of workmanship in the car is. The 1275cc mechanicals were completely rebuilt, and the car was fitted with complete new floors, boot floor, sills, mudwings, amongst much else. There are many, many photos documenting the restoration, along with many receipts for parts purchased during the resto.

In one word – fantastic. The lines of the car are completely unspoilt – early cars didn’t have mirrors or door handles, and the windscreens are much more attractively shaped – it’s a true British Sports Car! Obviously with the fact that the restoration is a few years old now, there are some VERY minor chips here and there, but as you can see from the photos, these are almost completely un-noticeable to an onlooker. There is NO ROT whatsoever. The brightwork is all in good order with no dinks or twists – I don’t think these are new items, but are refurbished originals. The new ones are very bad quality, but these are excellent. The hardtop is in good order with a couple of small areas of spidering – something that must be expected of 1960s fibreglass!

During the restoration the car had most of its external panels replaced, including full-height rear wings, a full rear panel and new boot lid etc.

When restored, the car had complete new floorpans, boot floor, sills and more. All of this remains in beautiful condition and there are no issues at all, so far as I can see.

The seats were recovered, new carpets have been fitted, along with refurbished instruments and dashboard. All in all, it looks fantastic. The boot has been carpeted out, too.

Engine and Gearbox
Engine starts readily and runs well, ticking over at around 700rpm, as it should. Exhaust note is lovely and the car pulls and drives exactly as it should. Oil pressure is as it should be, and the car does not overheat. As mentioned above, a reconditioned gearbox , which is the nicest I’ve experienced on one of these cars, very tight, with no bad synchromesh etc.

Brakes and Suspension
All tip-top. Car stops in a straight line and rides very nicely indeed.

Weather Equipment
Comes with a full tonneau, in excellent condition, along with soft-top and frame, both of which are in good order. The hardtop is an original, not a repro, and has the proper glass rear screen – something that is very rare indeed.

All in all, this is an absolutely stunning little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. You won’t find many cars that have had a restoration of this standard.


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