1955 Morris Minor Splitscreen

£££ SOLD £££


Priced at £2850. Please click HERE to be redirected to another site containing many close-ups.


These early split-screen Moggies are quickly becoming hard to find in original, unmolested condition. Most have been over-restored and are now showpieces. This car, however, is different. It retains much of its original patina and original features such as fully working trafficators, and so on.

These cars are perfect for weekend toys, new drivers wanting cheap insurance, or as an about-town runaround.


The car has had only 4 owners from new, the third having owned the car for decades. The car was repainted professionally in the 1970s and the car hasn’t had a respray since. The paint has lasted very well indeed apart from a few areas of minor bubbling, and touch-ups etc. Hopefully you can see this in the pictures. Sadly the back nearside door has been keyed but could easily be repainted – it’s not a big deal and it hasn’t gone down to bare metal so won’t rust away.

Mechanically, the car appears to be absolutely fine. In the past few years, it has had:


  • ·         New brake master cylinder

  • ·         New brake shoes and cylinders

  • ·         New water pump and water pump pulley

  • ·         Ignition service – new plugs, points, leads etc

  • ·         New heater and associated hoses

  • ·         Full service


The only thing I can mention is that the gearbox requires a bit of time between gearchanges to avoid a crunch. These gearboxes are renowned for this issue, and it’s nothing to worry about – but the problem could be solved without too much difficulty. However, once you’re used to it, there’s no problem at all.

Of course, being a 1955 car, this means it’s exempt from MOT test, and the tax is free – making it incredibly cheap to run! Structurally the car appears to be very solid indeed, with sills and spring hangers all in good order.  All four wings are steel, not fibreglass.


The interior is original with the exception of recent new carpets. The seat covers are a little tired but I love the originality of the car – it looks just right. Also included in the sale are a brand new rear bumper and a box of spares. 


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