1977 MGB Roadster - Vermillion

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Priced at £4250 – an absolute bargain, especially with the way MGB Roadster values are moving! This example comes with MOT until June 2017 and will be exempt from tax next year as it was registered on 1st January 1977. If you’re after an original, un-messed with MGB, this is probably the car for you.

It’s lovely to see a later rubber bumper car that hasn’t been messed around with too much. Too many people fit chrome bumpers, different wheels, and all manner of (dare I say) tacky mods; and it’s just lovely to see a car which has escaped all of that. Again, from an investment point of view, this car ticks a lot of the right boxes.

Bodily, the car is very solid indeed – as you can see from the pictures. At some point in the past it’s obviously had some bodywork restoration as the paintwork has a good shine. It’s always been this colour. There are a few minor marks and imperfections around the car, which is to be expected from a car which hasn’t just been painted – however there is very little evidence of bubbling, and all the panels appear to be totally solid. The door and wing bottoms are all in great shape, as is the bottom of the boot lid. The paint has a fantastic shine, but don’t come expecting a concourse car.

Sills, castle rails and floors appear to be nice and sound, as are the spring hangers and front chassis legs. It had a great deal of replacement structural panels fitted around 7 or 8 years ago and these appear to have been fitted correctly. Again, it’s nice to see a car that doesn’t look like a patchwork quilt underneath.

The car runs and drives well. A reconditioned engine from Mechspec MG was fitted around 20,000 miles ago, and runs flawlessly, with excellent oil pressure. The brakes function very effectively and the car stops in a straight line. The car is fitted with SPAX shock absorbers, and all of the suspension has recently been rebuilt. The overdrive gearbox works very well indeed and there are no nasty graunches or whines. The differential doesn’t whine, the steering is nice and tight, and the car rides well. One thing to mention is that whilst the speedometer works, the mileage indicator has become stuck so isn’t going up any more! A replacement gauge for a few pounds would solve the issue immediately.

The interior is in good order, too, with no obvious rips and tears in the seats A Moto-Lita steering wheel is fiited. The hood is in good order but does have a couple of very minor tears – but nothing to worry about at all.

A large history file is included with the car. This is a bargain price for a fantastic car which has a lot going for it. Obviously it’s not a concourse car but it’s very nice indeed, and won’t be requiring any significant works for a good while. It’s now a very usable, enjoyable car which is capable of use on A roads in traffic, etc. The car starts on the button every time. Buy it, and watch the values slowly rise!

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