1967 MGB GT - Mineral Blue

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Mk1 MGBs are becoming more and more desirable by the day. Featuring clean, undisturbed lines and the nicest interiors of all the MGB series, they offer fantastic classic motoring for a reasonable price. These cars are a fantastic investment, with prices dramatically rising all of the time.

This car is no exception, and I feel you’ll struggle to find a better one for this price. The car had a bare-metal restoration in the mid-nineties and has covered less than 1000 miles since! The restoration was comprehensive, including new sills and castle rails, and any bodywork sections that needed replacement were attended to. The car isn’t the usual filler-fest, and it’s very solid throughout. If you're looking for a period car, which looks like it's straight out of the 60s, then this is definitely the car for you.

MOT until 22nd November 2016, and I can’t imagine it’ll need much, if anything, to get through the next test. Of course, being a 1967 car, it is tax exempt.

The car runs and idles very healthily indeed. It pulls strongly and sounds great, and doesn’t seem to smoke or use any water. The 3-synchro gearbox is whine-free, and there are no synchromesh issues. The back axle is also nice and quiet. A new fuel tank and lines have been fitted, along with clutch master cylinder and various other bits and bobs. Front suspension is great, with no play in wheelbearings or kingpins.

In the past week or so, I have done one long 100-mile trip with no issues, and around 50 miles of other driving. The car also rides particularly. The car is properly soundproofed so doesn’t clatter and bang like so many BGTs do – it’s a really nice thing to drive. Oil pressure is spot-on thanks to the engine rebuild, and the car does not overheat. Overdrive is fitted, and functions fine. An oil cooler is also present.

Bodily, as mentioned before, the car is very straight and sound. The aluminium bonnet is still present! Door and wing bottoms are all solid, as are the wing-top seams, and scuttle panel. The car been repainted professionally in cellulose, but this was over 20 years ago, so it’s starting to show its age a little bit. That said, it still presents nicely but on close inspection there are some imperfections and minor bits of microblistering and slight paint flaking. The car appears to be completely solid throughout. Sills, castle sections, floorpans, chassis legs and spring hangers are all in good order. 

The interior is lovely, too. The seats are the originals (and very rare, being blue leather with blue piping!), but have had new foams fitted. There are a couple of tears in the covers but they look very period indeed and I wouldn’t even think about swapping them for replacements! A full-length sunroof is fitted, and appears to be leak-free. The engine bay is clean and tidy (and, body colour), and could be detailed to make it even more lovely. 

All in all, this is a lovely little car that is absolutely ready to be used and enjoyed. There’s quite a bit of old paperwork with the car which covers the restoration, including around 40 or 50 photos.

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